freelance developer of javascript, python and more!

Welcome to my blog, here I will be documenting the things I find out while developing various projects using Flex and a few other languages.

The main reason is that I will soon be starting a new project and will be experimenting with a great collection of APIs and Frameworks, and I need somewhere to vent when things don’t work:

  • Adobe Flex 4 (with the Spark components)
  • Adobe Catalyst (or maybe teaching the designers how to use it)
  • Robotlegs – this sounds like a great framework and should bring some much needed organisation to the project
  • ASAXB – for some unfortunately necessary XML deserialisation
  • Papervision3D – because it ‘looks whizzy’ according to the Project Manager. Hopefully I can come up with something that will actually add to the application and UX
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